Jewelry Stuffs -- ear rings and boxes

So I continued working on the ear rings and expanded the line of jewelery boxes I made quite a while ago.

I also like to think I took everyone’s notes on good product photography to heart:

I’m especially happy with how the blue stained wood turned out. Has anyone heard if there are any plans for unfinished PG wood?


Nice work. Assume you purchased the boxes lreassembled and then adorned them?

Absolutely love the D.C. earrings!!

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Love the Lovecraft tenticle box!
They are all great though, nice work

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What lovely boxes and earrings! I too like the blue staining. Actually I like all the colors. I hope you are successful with them!

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Outstanding! More info on the boxes please! Are they “open” in the top, or perhaps some acrylic? The blue is quite nice. Was that wood stain or markers?

Thank you for sharing!

What a collection! All are stunning and the DC earrings are great! I’ve been coloring BB with alcohol markers and the results are spectacular…

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Beautiful work, thank you for sharing! I love your boxes!

That’s some really beautiful work!

Why do we not have photos? I wanna seeeeee!

Some wonderful work!

Yep. These are from Oriental Trading Company, each abt. $1 a piece (sold by the dozen).

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I actually use a thinner plastic called PETG (same as in coke bottles), in both the ear rings and the pane at the top of the jewelery boxes. It’s thinner, flexible and cheaper than acrylic, while still being pretty durable. The only downside is as a thermoplastic there are limits on what you can do to it with a laser before it starts to warp and distort. You have to use a light touch; the ear rings take about 6-9 passes at full speed, 13% power to etch away the stained glass paint. But the end result is something so light that you can’t even feel that you’re wearing them.

The blue wood is a wood dye I bought on Amazon – the wood really soaks it up well, but it stays on the top layer so much that a light engraving etches it all away, which creates that stark contrast. That was a particularly happy accident.