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Hello! For those of you who engrave metal for jewelry, I have been searching for weeks now to find a supplier that offers different types of metal for bracelets that is beyond the standard 6" or 7" size.
Copper, stainless steel, brass, etc… And also, a supplier that sells quality stainless steel bracelet closures/clasps. Does anyone have a hidden gem that they would like to share? Also, has anyone tried Cermark on copper or brass? Thank you!

A few searches would help you here, as these topics have come up before:

Jewelry findings:

Bracelet blanks:

Cermark brass:

Bonus: searching is faster and easier than asking, and we don’t chase our collective tails answering stuff that’s already been posted :slight_smile:

As for copper, you may want to look at #4:

Copper may be dangerous to laser, be careful. You’ll probably also be interested in #11, since it covers a lot of ground about how to work with metals.


Copper is reflective so you want to be very sure that anything that the laser hits is fully covered.
That being said, while I haven’t used Cermark, I was successful using Laserbond 100 (LBT 100 - the liquid) which as a bonus is significantly cheaper than Cermark :-). I used the settings suggested here.

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