Laserbond 100 Settings

Hi everyone!
I recently purchased Laserbond 100 to mark on Copper, Aluminum, Brass, and Nickel pendants.
I’ve gone through almost half the can and still can figure out the right settings. Laserbond’s website provides a guide for the settings they recommend to etch these materials, but these settings do not correlate with the Glowforge. I’ve gone through lot of trial and error and I know its possible to etch these materials as I have seen other posts here showing successful use of Laserbond 100.
Can anyone provide the settings they have used? I’d greatly appreciate it! :worried:

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I wonder how @trevor did well on his.

What materials have you tried? Can you post an sample of what it turned out like?

Was there something else with the metal that was messing with Laserbond’s properties?


I have a GF basic and use 600 speed, full power, and a LPI of 340. It is important to do a thin coat, just to cover the material. I use a heat gun to help it cure a little quicker as well, with light touches.

You can easily brush off the laserbond before zapping with your fingers so be careful where you touch. After complete, i hit it with some water and the “non-zapped” laserbond comes right off.

When done, laserbond has a smooth finish to it, almost as it is barely there. I did find with using Cermark, while more expensive, leaves a raised embossed feel to it that my customers preferred.


If you do 2 light coats as per the instructions, you do get the raised feel… I know this because I’ve done this ONE time…

I need to find some other reasons to do it…


I have a basic and I’ve had great success using 300/ FP, LPI 450.


One more thing…make sure you shake the LB100 for the full minute as recommended. It makes a difference…I know for a fact.


What is your process for creating a mark like this?

I’m wondering about a start to finish process.

how did you get it to engrave on a curved surface

These bracelet blanks are flat, so that makes it easy. After they’re finished, you have to bend them into shape using a ‘bending bar’…designed specifically for shaping cuff bracelets.


Darn! I was hoping you had some magic for me :slight_smile:

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It’s still magic…but, easier than you thought it might be. :slightly_smiling_face:

just got my glowforge back – now I’m going to try it! What is this “bending bar” of which you speak?

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Yay! Fun in store for you again. I think I got mine on Etsy…but Amazon and hobby type places sell them. Here’s the page from Amazon;