Jig for shuttle engraving, and engraved shuttles

I’ve been asked to engrave a weavers’ guild logo on two shuttles. I did w/out a jig, but decided the angst factor was too much.

The cardboard from Chewy (pet supply company) is lovely to work with. I get two boxes every other month, so I’ve got plenty to use up.

Snapmarks at the top ensure the files line up with the shuttle. I cut a hole in the box so it requires gentle pressure to fit the shuttle into, and keeps everything aligned. The logos need to sit in a clear spot on the nose of the shuttle, so I made non-printing alignment marks in the file to center the logos (future jobs will all be different logos).

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 8.37.39 AM


Looks so good! Their logo is really clever, too. Jigs to the rescue!..that, and Chewy boxes. :grinning:


When the cat has excessive tail wags, is that a good thing? I love the shuttles btw and all the more that the designs look perfect.


I call it ‘dusting the furniture’.


Whatever happened with snapmarks anyway…I’ve heard that they were scrapped, or put on hold? I think I was late to that party and only people who HAD them can still use them?

(Just wondering…)

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I don’t know for sure. They disappeared on me one time; when they popped back in I didn’t use them for a while. Now I want to make lots of jigs.


They scrapped it almost 2 years ago now:

to focus on Camera Calibration for everyone, and Pro Passthrough for Pro users.

Nice job. Love the jigs

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It was tied to experiments leading to passthrough, and I was using Snapmarks to the side of the work to assist that passthrough, though not very much.

I thought they pushed Snapmarks to Premium? I’ve had them since beta and am now Premium and still have them – actually the only reason I decided to commit to it! Anyone not have them that got them with Premium?

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They only show up in there if you had them in beta. (I was late to the party, so no snapmarks for me…)