Jigs without the crumb tray

Hi Forgers,

I am working on an engrave for lino block which is thick enough that I have to run the GF with the crumb tray removed.

I want to create a jig or use snapmarks to align my design. In the past, I have simply loaded cardboard, cut a jig, opened the forge, placed my material, and go. But the cardboard is too thin and far away to cut with the crumb tray removed. I have snapmarks but haven’t played with them- will they work if the snapmark imprint is at a different focal distance/height from the engrave surface?

Any users with a good workflow for this, please share. I’ve combed the posts and not seen a solution so apologies if I have missed one.

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The “best” technique here depends on what you’re doing and what accuracy level you require.

Like what sort of thing are you putting in the machine? Can it be accurate to 0.1”, or does it need to be 0.01”?

Just use a different solution to elevate the cardboard to the same height as the surface of the material, i.e. blocks on the sides or corners, then cut the center piece out as needed.

I keep 123 blocks on my bench and have used those from time to time.


Yes I would recommend that if the item has vertical sides or if not, then jobs where accuracy isn’t paramount.

That’s why I asked for more details about what is being engraved and accuracy concerns.

Facepalm. So elegantly simple! Time to get out some wood blocks. I knew there was something easy that I just couldn’t think of. Thanks!

I have a set of those and it never dawned on me to use them with the laser. smacks head
Thanks man!