Jigsaw puzzle generator with unusual pieces

I’ve been looking high and low for this elusive unicorn software… :slight_smile:

I would like to make a jigsaw puzzle with unicorn shapes in it (or animals). I’ve been searching but can’t find a puzzle generator with specific shape pieces. They are all more or less square shaped. I wouldn’t be so specific but it’s for my nieces birthdays. And they are the unicorn and mermaid stage. :slight_smile:

Does a software like that even exist? And if so, where could I get it?

Thanks! (from a somewhat desperate aunt)

Never seen it.

Just use a regular puzzle generator, then edit the file yourself to include whatever shapes you want.

I’ve done that to embed small objects as individual pieces within a puzzle. Doesn’t take long.


And it’s a great learning experience!

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There’s no generator I’m aware of that will do that for you, but you can use Draradech’s generator to get a library of edges, break them apart into separate tabs and slots, and position them to make your own irregularly shaped pieces.


That would do! Thank you so much!

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