Jigsaw puzzle generator

It’s all client side. So you “downloaded” a .svg from your own browser :slight_smile: (maybe I should rename the button to “save SVG”…)

Regarding the compound path: if that doesn’t work for the glowforge, I would consider that a serious glowforge bug. That would impact a lot of SVGs.


Whoa! I love that you were just like, “Nah, these aren’t cutting it… I’ll just write my own code.” Bam! Thanks for sharing!


No worries about the compound path. It’s a nice SVG with minimum nodes. Great job.


Thank you so much for this program. I have yet to get my Pro notice, and needed something like this, that seems pretty simple to use. Just want I had hoped for. Thank you

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Very cool - thank you for sharing this with us!



Here you go!


Hey thanks! this is fantastic.
I just made 4 puzzles for my neice’s Christmas present.
You are fantastic.
I’ll post photos once I cut.


Thanks again. This turned out fantastic.

Glowforge cut pretty.

My niece is 2. When asked for her Christmas list, her momma listed a few things: among them, puzzles.

Maybe 20 piece and 30 piece puzzles might be a touch ambitious.

I am usually motivated to take on a challenge when the outcome is something that I care about. I’m hoping she’ll feel that way, too.

Her folks give and appreciate thoughtful gifts, rather than “whatever” and gift cards, so I am anticipating a home run.
Especially when wrapped up with a personalized tag like this.


Sweet gifts! :grinning:

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Yessssss! I may be biased on the puzzle front, but I love it! My niece will be getting some as well!


This is wonderful – thank you!

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Oh, very nice indeed! It looks like you made them extra sturdy by coating with Mod Podge or something similar. I really like the clean edges, too!

Playing around with photo, chipboard, and mod podge right now. At least more more coat, the making sure everything is as flat as possible before applying a puzzle.

2 coats of modpodge.
I tried different masking and ultimately decided that I liked no masking that I own.
You can clean smoke stains off mod podge with alcohol. Don’t soak or anything- just use a paper towel dipped in rubbing alcohol
Finally, I opted for a coat of matte spray finish.
I really like the result.


Thank you so much for this! I found another generator that I tried, but it turned out that all of the tabs and blanks were identical, so any tab on any piece would fit into any blank on any other piece. It allowed for them to be used as a kind of 2D building set for my kids, but it wasn’t ideal as a puzzle. This one looks like you’ve got some more randomness involved, which is really nice!

Thank you. I’ve been drawing a puzzle in Autocad, kind of by hand. I just don’t like the repetitive nature of the generators. Yours looks like there are less repeats than some others. I’ve got another couple weeks in theory before my GF arrives, so plenty of time to noodle out a one off puzzle vector.

My daughter (in college) and her friends do puzzle nights trying to put together hard jigsaws. So I made her one on the GF for Christmas - 600 pieces.

In a 4x6" piece of chipboard :slight_smile: Fingernail sized pieces.

I engraved it with a floor plan of the university library. Figured they’re not likely to have actually spent much time in there so it’s topical but practically unknown to them :smile:

My daughter said they pulled it out for last week’s puzzle night and decided that it would be best to “work up to it”. So they did some normal 1500 piece castle one instead. I’m betting the library one never gets done before they graduate.


My girlfriend and I have been doing a puzzle a week. We both grew up with Grandparents that loved puzzles. I was late for work this morning because of a puzzle. I can’t wait to sell custom puzzles to people. I think they’ll be a hit.


This is what i’ve been looking for. Has anyone found additional puzzle creators? I love this one.

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This is awesome, thank you for sharing!