Jigsaw puzzle generator


After reading this thread, I started looking for a jigsaw generator. I found this older thread. In both of them there are some links, google found a few others. All in all, I wasn’t satisfied with the results, so I wrote my own. I hope this is useful to some of you as well. (I don’t have my glowforge yet, so I don’t know if the .svg will cut as is. It does open with the correct dimensions in Inkscape, though.)

Jigsaw puzzle generator

Code also available as gist, in case you want to fork it. Static webpage with javascript - everything is calculated client side.

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Thanks! I’m looking forward to trying out out!


Goes into the GFUI just fine. No obvious issues… Checked it out in Inkscape too and seems good.


Wow! Thank you for your generous offering!


Thank you! :smiley:



I don’t have a GF to try it with yet, but it’s on my list. Thanks!


Thanks for this!


Wow…thank you for taking the time to write this. I will try it out today on my other laser…:smile:


Very cool of you to share this with us. Thank you!


Thanks so much! Your generosity is appreciated :slight_smile:


wow. that rocks! Thank You! :thumbsup:


Many thanks. Bookmarked here and in Chrome.


This is great, @Draradech! Thanks for creating it so that the rows and columns are created from individual paths versus creating puzzle shapes. This is definitely the best approach to lasing a puzzle.

When I opened the file in Illustrator, it opened as one large compound path that all of the other paths (perimeter border, rows, columns) were contained in. When I released that compound path, I was able to see all of the individual paths. I don’t have a Glowforge to test with so I’m not 100% sure how it will handle a complex compound path that is designed for a cut operation; I know for engraving, the UI will accept compound paths that have a fill applied. I don’t know if it will drill down into the compound path itself to recognize the individual paths and use those individual paths for determining cut operations.

Maybe someone will load it into the GF UI and test it for us!

Is it programatically an additional step to create a compound path from the results?


This is really awesome! Thank you for making it.

If you’d like a bug report… If you take the settings out to the extreme, some of the tabs overlap each other.

Not sure how solvable that is, but just something I noticed when playing around with the settings.


I directly generate raw svg (or more precise, the d attribute of a single svg path) in javascript (as a string operation). In that case it’s easier to create a compound path (one move command, then keep going) instead of singular paths (close the current path, open a new one, move command, keep going).


I know of the overlapping, I think it’ll be a problem even before, though (very thin connections for some pieces). I just wanted to keep all options open. Minimum tab size with maximum jitter (or the other way around) is still useful, just don’t put both too high.


How wonderful that you created a generator for it! (I still just draw the danged things!) Looking forward to trying it. :grinning:


This is awesome!


What a great tool! Thanks for so generously sharing it with us!


Thanks! this is awesome!