Job available: prototyping a box

A bay area tech company needs a box prototype, and a friend asked me to help them out.

“Box is approx. 4’x17”x20”, ¾” MDF except for the front panel which is ¾” ply. Front panel is a door w/ a few hinges and latches to close snug. The idea is to keep sound in/out. An inside lip and some rubber stripping might help this. Inside is lined w/ 1.5” egg crate foam (I have a source for this). On back wall is a bare shelf a bit less than ½ way up for the soundbar. It is 5.5 inches wide. I need 2 of these to start and might need as many as 6-10 more. I’d like the first 2 in about 2 weeks.”

(I followed up and he confirmed that 3 sheets of 1/4" MDF stacked are fine instead of 3/4". )

If you’re interested, please reply in this thread and I’ll message you his contact information. He’d like a quote. (I don’t know him or anything else about the project, and won’t be able to help in any way other than connecting you two.)