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Hi all,
First time posting, hope this is the right category.

Is there a way to see how long a past job took? I searched the forums and poked around the GFUI and didn’t see any info.

Mahalo for the help!

Sure is! Load the job, hit Print, then hit Cancel.


@Jules thanks! I’ll give that a try.

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Yup - this is the category for opening a ticket with the company as well as getting advice from the forum members. If you want to skip the company part then Everything Else is where most folks go. If you want to only talk to the company you can send them an email at (but don’t both post in P&S and send an email, that’ll just slow you down).

If you’ve got the Premium software add on and you’ve changed your design since you ran the job you’re looking for a time on, there is a past prints dropdown where you can choose a previous version of your design. I haven’t done a lot with it, but it’s there :slight_smile:

@deirdrebeth I looked at that last night it showed me the dates they were ran but not how long. I just need to get better at jotting that down before I hit the button.

I meant you can click on those, and then follow @jules’ instructions - not that they give you the info straight up.

This is a such a great question! I hope the advice @Jules and @deirdrebeth provided was helpful, and you were able to locate the information you were looking for.

I’m going to keep this thread open, but move it to “Everything Else” so that the discussion can continue there.

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