John Wick 3 inspired chess set

I have been looking for inspiration for chess pieces and have been collecting photos. Then I went to see John Wick 3 and saw one of the sets in the movie and new I had to create it. I came close I think. The set is a vintage Austin Cox design made for Alcoa Aluminum for gifts to their customers. Milled and anodized aluminum chess set, designed 1962. I did not recreate it exactly but did not change the design enough to call my own.

When I think of John Wick I think in black and white and invisible and shadowy. I chose black ,white,clear and frosted medium proof grade acrylic to show this.

It is also the first time I used Scigrip acrylic adhesive and wonder what took me so long. I highly recommend it. I used #3 and found it fast and very easy to use.


Those are awesome. I really like the minimalist design although I think it is the knights that make the difference.

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This is really beautiful, Pauline! I too love the minimalist design…and I’m already a huge fan of acrylic. Very nice work! Here’s another set made early on by @polarbrainfreeze, which while not minimalist, is to me really lovely;

Laser Cut Board Games


Really simple, really clean, really awesome!

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Thank you, That was also on my list but when I tried to design it on my own the Knight came out way to large (5"x 4"). This is normal for me then I start reducing size.

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Very sharp! (Both figuratively and literally!) :sunglasses:

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What a great design! I do think you captured the essence of the original.


Very, very nice.

Got this from your link. It took some work but got maple pieces done I will work on walnut tomorrow. I really do need to shower today.