Johnson Plastics - Customer Service

Three weeks ago I received my first order from Johnson Plastics. I ordered from both Glowforge and Johnson at the same time. (I was able to cash in some vacation time and spent it on myself). Both shipments arrived within a day of each other and were complete.

Last week I noticed that I had gotten two sheets of the same colors from the Saddle collection. I took a photo of the duplicate along with my invoice and emailed them to Johnson’s customer support. Within an hour I had gotten a credit for the mistake and a confirmation of a new shipment! This was for a piece worth $2.95. I am very impressed with their customer service.


I didn’t have a problem with my first shipment from JPP, but sure was happy with how fast it arrived.

Inventables has great service too. They shipped me some veneer in a box with heavier things, and the veeneer corners got mangled. When I sent a pic, they credited me without hesitation… and then I got a surprise replacement too. I would have been happy with a few bucks on my account, honestly.


We have always had a great experience with JP when living in Nashville. Not always the best on price but you could always count on your order getting there quickly. We have not ordered since moving back to the West so I hope that when we do order again from there they are still great!

JPP definitely went above and beyond on an order where I had an issue. Several orders orders without issues, too. Quite happy with them so far.

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