Joke Cutting Board

A friend posted something like this on their FB feed. So, I made one and am shipping it to him to surprise his wife with (she’s a big Groot fan with a bit of dark sense of humor).

As it turns out, there are a handful of free “Guardians” fonts out there, if you hunt a bit.


Not sure why the pic is so faded. The actual board is quite a bit darker in the engraved sections.

This is so cute, but hurts my heart a bit.


Clever. The board turned out amazing.

Will be a surprise for sure. Turned out great!

I saw something very similar to this on Reddit the other day and wanted to make one myself. Now I have to… Looks great.

Yeah-- I think what my friend posted on their book of the faces feed was the thing on Reddit.

As it turns out, there is about a zillion variants of Groot available for free hither and yon. And quite a few you can pay for. And at least a few Guardians fonts.

The board came from Ross. They oft have 3 packs of bamboo cutting boards for less than $10. I make a point of keeping some on hand for impromptu gifts.

This is what it really looks like (that photo above is horribly washed out):


It’s really cute! I never saw the second one, but baby Groot was cute in the commercials. :grinning: