Journal / Planner Dividers

I do “decorative planning” - it’s sort of a hybrid between bullet journaling and old school paper agendas (I usually use stickers, Washi tape, and all sorts of pretty pens in my planner to help me stay organized.) I really like including paper inserts between my weeks or months as dividers, so I made these two recently for February and March.

They’re cut from regular cardstock and I was a little worried about how delicate they’d be, so I used double sided tape and vellum behind each for a little added support. I like that you can still see the cuts and the page behind it through the vellum.


Looks great! I like that notion - sprucing up your own journal.


Cool idea! Hadn’t seen those before. :slightly_smiling_face:


The page dividers are great. Maybe plan on including more such projects in the future.


These are very pretty. I love paper and all the possibilities it provides.