Jr Home Run Derby Trophy's

I have had my GF about a month now.
I try to get involved in everything my small town has to offer.
For this one I thought it would be cool to make a Trophy for the winner of each class. 1 for 12 and Under and one for 13 and Over.
No one asked me to do it and I just donated the time and materials as a way really of getting my name out there and the kids only got a Certificate. What kid doesn’t want a trophy

I made them out of 1/2" plywood from Home Depot and 1/8" proofgrade hardwood. I sprayed a lacquer over each layer before I glued them together.

I made some key chains also and had them for sale $5 each, some made from 1/8" proofgrade plywood and some made from 1/8" Hardwood.
For some reason the parents out there today were just not buying anything, not much from concessions and very little from me. Not sure if it was the rain and chilly weather or people just not interested.
Since they had 2019 on them I ended up giving them away to the kids who where there that participated.
Disappointing day for sales but the kids loved getting a free key chain that I told them to put on their school backpacks or their baseball bags. Never know maybe I will get the word out that way

Thanks for reading and I love my Glow Forge


Sounds like a great way to drum up some business, and I’m sure the winners loved the trophies! :slightly_smiling_face:


Trophies and keychains turned out amazing. Very nicely done.


Nice work. Sorry the sales weren’t there. I’m sure the kids were thrilled with the gift of a keychain!