Jumping the proverbial shark(theres a definate fish theme)

Going for the fish theme from here: Following the related topics: Madonna’s Virgin -> Weird Al’s -> :

More like this:


It would have been hilarious if he’d caught the monster marlin during a non-marlin competition so he was simultaneously excited about the marlin and mad because he’d spent all that time reeling it in and didn’t get any tournament credit for it (though I don’t know much about sport fishing so I don’t know if that’s even possible.)

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Taking from the Crocodile Hunter theme: “that’s not a fish, this is a fish”, at least, he should get some credit for reeling in that small village feeder.

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Do they really make ½ton test line? Well to switch to laser topic - I think you’d need the pass-through on the Pro model to make a mounting plaque for that thing…

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Isn’t it just climbing rope at that point?