Jupiter and Saturn in close conjunction

My Very Best Cat Ever, Sam Toechaser, passed away three weeks ago. While I look for the right headstone, I made this layered paper tribute to my new heavenly bodies, Jupiter Satincat and Saturn Silkycat.

They are both black tabbies…more like rich, dark chocolate. I used black cardstock, turning or flipping each piece so layers appears as a ghostly image in the whole due to fiber orientation.

In a effort to hide the shiny bits of glue peeking out, I used a matte decopauge treatment…not so sure I like it.

This one ‘reads’ better from all angles than the uncoated version, but I lost the subtle distinctions of each layer. Fortunately, I made the design at 75%. I’ll make it again at full size–that will help avoid the glue since there will be more room on the undersides of the thin cuts. I should use a spray adhesive, but I hate the wastefullness.

I’m still not letting them into the laser room as there is lots of loose fabric, yarn and other tidbits lying around. It was quite the challenge slipping in & out of a cat-free room 6 times while two cats wanted to see what was so interesting in there.

So nice to get back to lasering. I was living as slowly as possible to enjoy all the time left with my dearly beloved. These two are bringing me back into full-speed life again.


The best thing to do…I’m sorry for your loss. :hugs:


Nice work!


So sorry for your loss. Glad you got to be focused on the time you had.


I’m so sorry for your loss! It’s so hard losing furry babies!


Thank you. I learned a lot from Sam. We had 17 wonderful years, and enough warning at the end to be emotionally prepared. Can’t ask for more than that.


I can relate - with my sweet MinPin Maverick. But I still miss him so much.


I’m so sorry for your loss. I think this project will help with the healing.


I got a cat about the same time I ordered my Glowforge in the initial crowd-funding campaign. He was with me through the initial pre-release and was my constant companion while working on the Glowforge. To this day, I think of my kitty Cole whenever I use my Glowforge.

Sorry for your loss. I used my Glowforge to build a shelf for holding his urn.

And I love your new cat names!


Sending my love and hugs during this extremely sad chapter in your life.


Your new cat tribute is lovely. So sorry to hear about Sam. Seventeen years is a good long run but it can still feel not long enough.