Just a bookmark

I rarely read traditional printed books these days, but as I have time to kill during daily infusions, I wanted to re-read Art of War and I don’t have it for Kindle. Sun Tzu’s Military Method for those that don’t know, but was essential reading in the IT Security industry.

It’s started a few conversations with nurses and doctors, so I decided to make a bookmark to go along with it. I usually don’t bother with them, I can remember what page I was on just fine, but this might also spark some conversation. Plus, I want my daughter to read it so this will be a nice accompaniment to the book.

Graphics, Mandarin characters (孫子兵法=Art of War) and traditional border from the interwebs. Cut/engraved on Mahogany veneer. (This is the project that was kicking my butt because the HD Graphic settings when using bitmaps - even when entered manually - on my machine don’t mark the material.)

It has 3M 3850 packing tape on the back to ensure the fragile cut design stays together. It’s polypropylene, I checked the data sheet.

I broke up the design into sections after converting to vector, so the left, middle and right graphic engraves are separate steps. This sped up the print from ~65min to <40min, as the big empty space between the long side strips didn’t require the head to run the full width of the design.


Excellent result.

I am glad you have found productive ways to fill the time during your daily infusions. I sincerely hope that they are completed soon and that you can continue your reading at home.


A very nice bookmark!


Beautiful bookmark! It is a shame it will be hidden in a book.

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Well, it sits on the little swing tables out in the open while I’m there and reading - although now I know all the nurses and such, I spend more time talking and laughing than reading.


Oooo, very nice! I tend to forget about applications for veneer, but you can do some very interesting things with it. Thanks for the reminder!

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Another, for one of the nurses at the infusion center who I really enjoy chatting with. One of h er patients is being treated for ovarian cancer, and has a book about her journey. The teal color on “BeauTEALful” is $.98 nail polish from Wally… :joy:

Aficionados of laser stuff will spot where the color bled into the adjacent wood, but even for me, it doesn’t show on the actual product…