Just a bunch of owls

Sharing a folder i made of svgs for my friend who loves owls


Nice, thanks!

You designed all those?



no i just turned them into svgs…freebies

Where did you get them from?

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Wowls, I love them! Thanks for sharing.

thank you

You did a good job of vectorizing them but I’m curious to know if you had permission to use those designs…not all ‘freebies’ are free to share.


Google searches for free designs.I guess if your concerned just don’t use them. I mean I’m posting them for free as well not selling them.I’m not super concerned.

That’s quite obvious.


Copyright is complex and I’m not a lawyer so I wouldn’t presume to know about the legality here.

I think the more relevant question is whether or not posting these are in line with the forum guidelines (FAQ - Glowforge Owners Forum), which read, in part:

Sharing Your Stuff (and only your stuff)

Don’t post information about other people - even if it’s public. Each person here has a right to decide what information about themselves goes on the forum here.

You may not post pictures of creative works unless you have the right to do so, for example a print that you created that does not infringe someone else’s intellectual property. You may not post digital designs that belong to someone else without their permission. If you want to share something you find online, by all means link to it - but don’t download and post it, since it deprives readers of context and the owner loses control. Of course, don’t post descriptions of, links to, or methods for stealing someone’s intellectual property (software, video, audio, images), or for breaking any other law.

Does converting an image to SVG make it “yours”? I know what I think, but it’s really up to the forum moderators, so I leave that decision to them.

@mathus_natasha, you were generous to consider sharing the files, regardless of how it turns out I hope that none of this discourages you from participating a bit more. We’d like to see what you make and hear your viewpoints on things