Just a few so far



That’s quite a few! (Really like the little “Save the Date” too! Cute idea!) :smile:


Looks like you are trying a little bit of everything, wonderful.

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They’re all great but I really love the solar eclipse!!:sun_with_face:

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Quite the start!

So, hope you don’t mind my asking… The blue/purple butterfly thing… How’d you do that?! Just inlay one into the other? With that much precision?

That’s a heck of a start! can’t wait to see what’s next!

If you load the picture up you can see that it’s a pink frosted sitting on top of a blue base. Not as evident when the picture is smaller. But an inlay would be super cool. :slight_smile:

Nice! Love the idea of making custom Geocaching trackables using GF

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The tb code was better than expected.

Two layers of acrylic.

Some really nice projects!

Really like the Family Tree and Save the Date!