Just a few so far



That’s quite a few! (Really like the little “Save the Date” too! Cute idea!) :smile:


Looks like you are trying a little bit of everything, wonderful.


They’re all great but I really love the solar eclipse!!:sun_with_face:


Quite the start!

So, hope you don’t mind my asking… The blue/purple butterfly thing… How’d you do that?! Just inlay one into the other? With that much precision?


That’s a heck of a start! can’t wait to see what’s next!


If you load the picture up you can see that it’s a pink frosted sitting on top of a blue base. Not as evident when the picture is smaller. But an inlay would be super cool. :slight_smile:


Nice! Love the idea of making custom Geocaching trackables using GF


The tb code was better than expected.


Two layers of acrylic.


Some really nice projects!


Really like the Family Tree and Save the Date!