Just a humbling thought

I’ve mentioned here that I currently work for a firearms manufacturer. Today we had a visitor. A little man with his caregiver/assistant ( I got the feeling it might be his daughter). They both looked around at the modern machining in fascination. Both so polite and friendly. I noticed his Korean War pin on his hat and commented on it, pointing out that we have many veterans working there. I guess it is something with the generation, but he seemed apologetic that he came home while fifty thousand others did not. Then he thanks us for OUR service. Just when you think it is an average work day and someone comes along and makes it a fantastic day.




With the whirlpool of things we do everyday, we do not realize what our work means for others. In my case, sometimes I think of how many families are reunited on every flight that arrives safe at destination.


I had someone stop me two days ago and thank me for my service. I shook his hand and said “I’m glad we look out for each other. Thank you Sir, for everything.”

The gentleman was a Vietnam Veteran with a purple heart license plate and you could tell he had certainly ‘earned’ it.
He invited me to join the local VFW. I think I will. Just to hear his story.

Those older vets had real class.


Survivor’s Guilt is a real thing, even today.

I’m glad you were able to meet such a hero.


I’d encourage you to do so also.

I can apparently write about the importance of the VFW at length. I just deleted three paragraphs. But really all that needs to be said, they say best for themselves.



I hope everyone here enjoys a fabulous weekend and 4th. Take a moment or two and be thankful for those who have made this country what it is today.