Just a little bookmark


…and a stencil.
My first couple of attempts with my freshly unboxed Glowforge (“Mr. Frymaster”). The stencil was for a t-shirt that my daughter wore to school yesterday. She’s in 1st grade and instead of any kind of walk-out or protest (not really appropriate for elementary school kiddies) her school had a “day of kindness”. They asked the kids to wear shirts with “uplifting messages” so I tapped into her love of Harry Potter with a good Dumbledore quote. The bookmark is also for her as she is devouring chapter books at an alarming rate.

The bookmark was easy…the stencil not so much! It was mostly due to my bumbling around with Inkscape and the Glowforge app’s insistence that the design was too detailed/big. I learned some good lessons though and next time I’ll definitely use a stencil font (duh!) so my "0"s don’t end up in the crumb tray!!!


Oh what a cute little kitty! :grinning:


I’m sure she loved it!!