Just a little gift...or something

Was thinking about Christmas gifts and the like. Who to give gifts to? I thought of my mail carrier. I like my mail carrier. He’s a good guy. So, what am I making for him?

Logos! I like logos.
Leather! I kinda like leather.
Handy little journal cover! Easy peasy, or sort of

Mail carrier… Post office Logo.


Wait! Just one?

Not even close. Let’s look at the history of Post Office logos.


Before that…

Before that,

Enter Glowforge!

Then the heavy lifting… My (to be) infamous double saddle stitch.


The end result?

IMG_6852 IMG_6854

Now I just have to catch him and deliver it.


Sweet!! What a cool thing to make for a mail carrier! I love everything about this project!

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Cool idea! We got a new driver last year, and this one isn’t real friendly, (I think I might scare her or something…can’t imagine why), but that would have been great for the one I had for the twenty-some years previously.


In case any of y’all want to make this up as a last minute gift for your postal workers…

Postal.zip (151.9 KB)

Everything I put on the Compass Rose Notebook Cover from the Glowforge launch, except for the Lasercat seal. I wouldn’t do more than 1000/10 for the oldest greyscale seal. Have fun.


Thank you for the files.

Like the others said, excellent gift for the mail person.

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Catching them is the hard part… I just missed. I made our mail carrier this tray for miscellaneous things to throw in. Hopefully we’ll get boxes tomorrow and he can have his present.


Our UPS guy got a different tray:


Both trays created with the iPad app for Box-o-matic.


I was at the door at the right time, but substitute carrier today.

I had to tell the UPS guy to share with the other guy… luckily I had made another tray that was a bit smaller…and I thought it was too small. So I gave both.

Dang, the tray box is a good idea. Never really clicked to me again. I have thought of trays and thought of boxes, but sometimes just having an open box to tuck things in is great and the engravings really make the difference. Excellent!

@jason.fuller0, your journal cover is cool. I want to do leather, but I have not workspace left to get a whole nuther set of tools out. Bad enough to have a gluing and soldering station, two 3D printing stations, a post print assembly spot, materials storage and scraps holders. Places for jigs and rulers and picks and whatnot. Electronics parts and breadboards and micro computer boards. Paint and markers toolbox. Saws, chisels and cutting tools for wood pre- and post-printing work. Add my sewing machine and fabric stuff and my workshop is just too cluttered. I need some help organizing. I hope that the holiday break affords me some time for this.


Amazing gift for your mail carrier! I just gave ours a gift card in one of my handmade cards.

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Now I am really unhappy Puff choked before the end of the year :frowning:

Great gift - but not easy peasy in my world.

Some of the stitching was annoying, but it is pretty straight forward.

Beautiful gift!

Wow! These are so nice!!!