Just a thought about the "CANCEL PRINT" button/link

It would be nice if it would have a pop up window asking if you are 100% sure you want to cancel the print. If you happen to click it by accident it stops the whole thing and there is no way to resume it (is it?)

I think the thinking is probably that in an emergency you don’t want more obstacles. Stop means STOP.


I agree, but doesn’t lifting the lid perform a crash stop? If it’s an emergency, why would you want to go over to your computer, grab the mouse, move it over the stop button and then click on on it…? That’s already a few obstacles…

(Just sayin’)

Yeah I’m just speculating.

I would just be tapping on the word cancel with my finger, on a computer that’s likely inches from my hand, which is less effort than lifting the lid. I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of owners are operating their Glowforge from a tablet, phone, or touchscreen laptop. Not that it really changes anything about safety design.


Shouldn’t you be monitoring the print in progress, and not focused on your computer screen?

In my case I ask because I mass produce stuff and after I send my “prints” I am already working on my next layout using the GF UI. One time I accidentally click the “Cancel” link and lost my whole thing due to the lack of a resume option. If it is done that way for “security purposes” it should at least put it on hold or ask you to continue in case it was click by accident and is not an emergency.

I agree, if there is something going really bad the last thing you are going to do is click the computer. You will open that lid RIGHT AWAY and either extinguish it or do whatever you need to do, not just go to a computer and calmly click CANCEL/STOP… that’s just my opinion tho.

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I race to the garage and throw the main. Just to be sure.


I can the power company and ask that they disconnect my entire block.

The neighbors are getting really mad.


FYI: in case some didn’t know, pressing the button on the gf will pause it and pressing it again will resume where you left off


I do this too, but I just open the GUI in new tab/window so there’s no risk of disrupting the one in progress. When the one that’s running is done, I just open the second window where I’ve laid out the new design, fiddle with alignment as necessary and it’s good to go.


that’s a god tip! no “cancel” option in new window while the other one is running?

It would be nice for a pause/resume function

Correct, you can’t process the new image you’re working on while the other is running, so there’s nothing to cancel. :slight_smile: I will sometimes have 3 or 4 different GUI tabs open so I can fiddle around. Just don’t forget that you still need to run set focus and do the final alignment before processing it.

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