Just a video of our pair of Glowforge Pro's and a little about us

We bought our first Glowforge Pro July 2020. Our second one December 2020. We make leather patches for hats…lots of them. Just wanted to share our story and how Glowforge has changed our lives. To celebrate we did a little family video yesterday.

Behind this door is something more than a garage…it is our livelihood…it is our family…it is our job…

There are bikes and toys and other things you typically find in the garage of a home. But on the other side of these things lies something special.

We are the Salter Family and we are Patriot Graphix Hat Co. & Apparel.

Since 2008, we have turned a small hobby into something big. Something more than we ever imagined. In 2020 inside of our 2-car garage we made, delivered, and shipped over 10,000 leather patch hats to all 50 states.

We printed, pressed, and folded over 10,000 shirts for local businesses, schools, churches, and large companies.

We survived, we hustled, and we overcame.

Inside of this garage real things happen. Our kids play, our kids cry, our kids laugh. As parents we play, we get frustrated, we might cry, we get inspired, and we get stressed out. But with all that goes on…we get things done.

Our business is built 100% on faith and family. Many prayers have been prayed and many answers have been answered over the years. From leaving an engineering firm of 18 years to walking away from a Fortune 500 company we are beyond blessed with what God has provided us and allowed us to build.

Never give up. Stay focused. Stay determined. Stay hungry. Stay humble.

The next time you pass a house with a closed garage door…ask yourself if there is something awesome being built inside. Some of the most successful companies the world has ever known were built inside of a garage…

So the next time you open one of our boxes that was delivered to your front porch or mailbox…know that 100% love and passion were put into your product from the moment we start to the moment we put the shipping label on.

We are Donnie, Mandy, Ethan, Evelyn and we want to thank you for being part of our purpose. We want to thank you for being part of Patriot Graphix and we hope you “Enjoy the Day”.

Give us a follow on our Instagram page www.instagram.com/patriotgraphix and check out our work :slight_smile:


This is awesome, I loved the video! Thanks for sharing.


I love the cooperative pressing of the magic button.


2 hands are better than one :slight_smile:

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Wonderful to hear your story, thank you for sharing that! :sunglasses:
You do video editing well also!


Thank you. Absolutely zero time for it but I made time yesterday because they kids were home from school since the roads were closed because of ice…in FLORIDA!


Well done. Congrats on a successful biz


Fantastic. Thank you for sharing. Your kids are adorable!


Thank you!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

This is so inspiring! I hope to follow in your footsteps. I’m a single mom to 3, and after praying and praying for a way to provide for my family, I took the plunge and used the last of my savings to buy a Glowforge. I have so many ideas! I am hoping my boys might be inspired to join in too. 7 more weeks, and my new baby should arrive! :slight_smile: :grinning: