Just another 3D engrave post



I couldn’t help it. First 3D engrave on :proofgrade: poplar :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Love it!


Wow! So crisp and elegant. I can only imagine how it would look with a wood finish.




Ok…Now THAT…is fantastic looking.




Eeeeeeek! Amazing!


Beautiful! Did you do any cleaning on it? That wood has a good grain for that action.


That’s beyond what I knew the GF was capable of! Was there any post laser work (cleanup?) needed after outputting? or did the print emerge as shown? Thanks so much for showing us newbie’s what’s possible with GF :slight_smile:


I need to see more of this.


Oh man. I’ve been procrastinating trying a 3D, but your inspiring me to give it a go. That looks incredible!


WOW. That’s amazing. It’s always a pleasure to see your work, and this piece is no exception.


@PrintToLaser and @rockeebay I took off the masking before I printed it, when it finished the print I went over it with a damp magic eraser.


What an amazing engraving! Just beautiful!


I have a couple of those but I haven’t tried them yet.


I love a magic eraser! They have been a great for a very quick and easy clean up for engraves.


Use them on all materials? I bought them because of recommendations for cleaning acrylic, but haven’t needed to use them yet.
Just dampen with water right? I presume you can clean them?


I use them on wood too! Yeah dampen with water, rinse sponge to clean.

Also I buy the cheaper knock offs from amazon, they have packs of 20 for like $12 :+1:


Hey, Thanks for that tip!