Just another crumb tray replacement jig for cutting boards

I’ve been engraving a ton of cutting boards lately that are too thick for use on top of the crumb tray. Normally, I use 3D printed risers from Thingiverse to get the boards propped up into the laser zone. This requires finding the center of each board, running a low powered score, and making adjustments to ensure it’s centered. I designed and built this crumb tray replacement jig to make repeat jobs faster and always centered. The boards I’ve been using are about .675" thick. The risers are 1.097" from the floor of the Glowforge, so cutting boards between 0.406" and 0.877" thick should work on this jig. The risers could be modified to accommodate thicker materials, but this works for the boards I’ve been using from Ikea.

If this could help you, here is the link.


I just saw this on the Facebook group page, I like it a lot.

I work for a metal fab shop, would you have an issue if I used the design idea to make one for self out of metal, as well making different height risers to use with different thickness materials?



Go for it. A replacement tray is certainly not my idea, as others have done something like this.


What a super jig for cutting board engraving! Great for those doing a lot of them.


@pubultrastar about how much material did this jig eat up?
I’m going to use it has a base riser for a jig I need to make tonight. Just checking how much ply I’ll need to pick up today for both yours and mine.

*Scratch that, just followed the link and saw your note at the bottom for (2) 1/8" sheets. Thanks!