Just Another LAME Gift Card


LAserific Magical Experience, that is… :wink:

Just a layer of yellow acrylic with the letters cut out to expose the gift card underneath, and a layer of black acrylic underneath the card cut to match the outline of the top layer.

Clear glue dots hold all three layers sandwiched together.

A couple of the “insides” of letters I forgot to add bridges to the design so they went buh-bye, others I broke while handling because they were so thin.

Miscellaneous Projects, Not Elsewhere Classified

Hahaha–your giftee is getting a gift card that is definitely not run-of-the-mill.


Very nice personal touch to a generic gift! :sunglasses:


ROFLMAO! Well played sir!


Nice! Quirky is always fun.


Coolness! :sunglasses:


This will be talked about/thought of for a long time. Wonderful!