Just because... Norton tile and 3D Engrave *Updated*

Following suggestions from @PrintToLaser and @shop, I made these two pieces from the picture I posted of our Neapolitan Mastiff, Napoleon.

The first is 6”x6” ceramic tile using the Norton method, the second was on Home Depot MDF.

We are experiencing frigid temps and heavy snow and the electricity went out while these were originally uploading.


I like the way both of them turned out but like the Norton tile the best. This is a nice tribute to a loving companion.


Nice, I agree with David, I like the light and detail in the one on the tile! :star_struck:


i’ll third that. the tile shows the light parts as white and is very crisp, with the detail being far finer. there are places you’re getting the blacks melding together on the MDF that are still showing detail on the tile. the MDF looks nice, but the tile blows it away IMO. just look at the detail on the nose.


Just gorgeous!

Your storm is heading our way—they are predicting 6-9 inches of snow tonight (in STL).


Between the two of them it took 7 hours. I think I might do another tile and up the lpi some (that is after our electric service smooths out, we have had 7 power outages in the last 4 hours). Note to @dan please create a way that we can resume an interrupted print. The cost of material is negligible for the most part, but the lost time and rhythm/flow of projects is a real bummer.


These both turned out great, but i like the tile best too!

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They look fantastic engraved.

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Sorry, I thought about sending it to Tennessee instead. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BTW- They are now forecasting at least two more of these moving through before next week.

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They’re both great, the tile is exceptional.


The tile is so detailed that you can see individual hairs! Wonderful dog too.


Wow! The engravings are amazing. It looks like you tuned the pictures just right.

Also, I just want to give that dog the biggest hug. (Is it just me? )

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Both turned out so beautiful!!! Gorgeous memorials of your beloved friend. :blue_heart: :paw_prints:

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Everyone wanted to hug him. His fur was like velvet but really soft almost like a puppy’s.

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Curious what your settings were for the tile.

I’m away from my computer right now. Will check when I get home.

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Thanks, I appreciate it

Sorry for the delay.


no worries! Not sure when I’ll get to use them, but hate having to research after the fact.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:Thanks

Any time. Hope it helps.