Just did my first couple prints ... AMAZING!

So I tried a couple test prints on cardboard to play around, nothing big. But I had the idea yesterday, very last minute, to create a custom ornament for my friend that we were going to visit in a couple hours to attach to her birthday present.

It came out okay, but once I saw it in progress I realized my mistake in the design. I forgot to think in the terms of material being removed and I just layered an engrave over another engrave (which also meant longer print time). Here was the result:

Not terrible, but once I realized I needed to setup the cuts and scores in a SVG and separate the engrave into a separate JPG and do a 3D engrave, I tried again with my second take on the design. So now I am doing custom ornaments for my friends to use as gift tags as well. #LaserOn!


Came out great! Isn’t it fun?

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Nice design! :grinning:

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I like both versions. :heart_eyes:


I intend on making custom ornaments and trinkets for Christmas this year, so I’m right there with you! I’m going to be using walnut (whenever it shows up from shipping), and highly recommend playing with that when you have a chance! It just gives off this certain sense of class that’s hard to describe :smile:

Great work on thinking about making these tags! I certainly hadn’t thought about the double usage of that, and may be using that in the future :+1:

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Awesome! Can’t wait to see what other tricks are up your sleeve.

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They both look great!

The fun is being able to come up with an idea … and a short time to make it a reality!