Just got my Glowforge! But unfortunately

OMG IT’S HERE!! AND IT ARRIVED 3 DAYS EARLY! What the whaaaaaat.

I’m so excited to get started with my new Glowforge! But unfortunately, the table I had ordered to set my Glowforge on isn’t here yet and is actually being delayed a few weeks. insert tears

I have other tables, but the only solution would be merging two tables together, which causes my Glowforge to sit uneven. So my question is… Would it be a bad idea to sit and operate my Glowforge on the floor until my table arrives?! The floor is carpet in case that makes any difference. I’m just not sure if that would cause any safety issues or anything like that. Thanks so much!!

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Can you get a piece of wood that would enlarge one of the tables enough to sit your GF on it? I would hesitate sitting it on carpet simply because you’ll pull in carpet fuzz etc.


I wouldn’t operate it on a rug because the air intake for the cooling of your laser is in the bottom. Don’t want to block that off. Just read through the setup procedures so you understand what to do to set up the wifi portion. :grinning:


Yes, it would be a bad idea.

The machine is supported in 4 corners (the “feet” run along the front and back, but the structural support is at each end of those feet.) If you bridge two tables, it will be fine as long as those corners are supported and the machine is reasonably level.

You will need it to be flat, however. You can tell by the lid having a uniform gap along both sides. You can shim one corner to adjust.


Thanks so much everyone for the feedback! I actually just remembered I have a fold up table at my mom’s house that will worki, so I’m going to go get that! Woot!!


When you do get it set up, you might want to make sure it is level. Use a bubble level to be sure. Non level setups have a tendency to cause issues due to the amount of flex that is in the case.

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