Just got my Glowforge!


She’s a beauty!! I just wanted to heads up people that I got my UPS My Choice email the day before it was to arrive and the Glowforge email the day of. Like maybe 5 hours before it showed up. So that might happen for you too. Also the UPS fuy set it down on its short side :flushed: Everything looks ok though. I’ll try it out tonight!!


Congratulations! :grinning::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::sparkles::tanabata_tree:


That’s fantastic! Don’t forget to check out Glowforge Tips & Tricks if you need any help.


When I got this machine, I remembered that long ago childhood feeling of Christmas morning! Enjoy your glowforge, you paid in $ and patience - and I’ll bet you find it worth every bit of both. :sunglasses:




Curious what your order date was…


Sep 27, 2015


Awesome! Seems to be in line with the spreadsheet. I ordered on October 16, so I have a ways to go! Update here with your setup results and whether that sideways box was an issue. I’m worried about shipping (I’d rather just pick it up from Flex, but whatever). Good luck!




That is good news! Keep us informed about your new machine! I had the same shipping issue, where I got the UPS notice the day before, and the GF email the day of. It is really short notice, but I am glad things worked out so far!


Just curious on the Delivery of yours and justemail and the UPS Shipping notification and GF email. Don’t post your address or anything, but where in the US are you guys, wonder if that effects the timing. Not that I would mind a sudden surprise like that, just curious.


I’m in the Bay Area (CA).


Awesome news!! Have a great weekend!


The emails seem to go out the next day, so if UPS picks it up from Flex on Wed, the email is sent Thurs. So the further east you live, the more anticipation time built into the system.


I’m in the north bay area of california


Yay!!! :tada::tada::tada:


Thanks, that’s what I surmised. Glad to see they go out pretty quickly to Glowforgers nearby. That is a positive thing for those of us more east.




Wonderful news! Laser all things!