Just out of Curiosity

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Just got word that my Glowforge won’t be arriving until March ‘18 :sob:
Just out of curiosity (and of course a little impatience), would anyone out ther be willing to do a few small test items for me? (i.e. A few wood tokens with my woodworking logo)

If yes, please feel free to DM me. I’d be ever so grateful :innocent:

Loving the Made On Glowforge forum. The stuff you guys are posting is amazing!

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The Smith Aesthetic


I’d be happy to run some tests for you! Just DM your address and design to me.

Also, I’m moving this to Everything Else category. Made on a Glowforge is intended for projects that were actually made on a Glowforge.


@cynd11 beat me to the punch on this one. But yes, anyone that needs or wants a little sample can pm me.

Anyone in a pinch because they were expecting their :glowforge: earlier and needs several sheets of something for Christmas or a BD or what not, pm me as well, we can probably work something out if you have the design ready. I’ll just need to be reimbursed for the :proofgrade:


Ditto avail if anyone needs some thing ran


What wood species are you interested in? If you’ve been branding, stamping, or ink stamping I guarantee you’ll love the lasered look as long as it “prints” fast. That all depends on how complicated and big your logo is.

If you want instant gratification via pictures post a SVG, PNG, or JPG and I’m sure several people will look and play.

Welcome. Where are you located ed? There is a Glowforge map of folks who have ordered. You might be able to do a personal visit. If you are near central Missouri I’ll be happy to have you visit.

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Thank you all so much for reaching out. Your kindness and generosity is astounding. These forums will make waiting on my Glowforge a lot easier!

I was unaware of the Glowforge Map. Mind directing me to a link? I’m a Houston local.

Be Well!


paging @Jules She’s in the Houston area and has graciously hosted Glowfolk before :slight_smile:

Chuckle! I can’t do private demos every weekend, but I can probably squeak in a token or two between other projects… @TheSmithAesthetic just shoot me a private message with the files and the size you want them to be. (And your snail mail so I can mail them to you when they’re done.) :slightly_smiling_face:

As far as hosting demos, you guys have a tremendous advantage over us gals. I have to be a little extra careful about it. I’m not generally going to volunteer to host demos for folks who have already ordered and are waiting, but it’s not because I don’t want to show it off, or am being greedy over it, it’s just a common sense thing. I’m actually a little jealous that you fellows get to have forge parties at the drop of a hat. :neutral_face:

It’s a rare exception for me to have someone over here to see it and I check them out on the internet before extending an invitation. It helps if there’s a school involved.

(And then there’s that body cavity search before entry.) :wink:



I’ve extended that offer to exactly TWO people. Both were frequent posters that I’ve had a fair bit of interaction with over the past two years, so I felt safe/confident in offering a demo. While I’d love to be more generous about hosting, there’s some basic practicality and safety that must be factored in there.


I’m on it! :grinning:

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My new Glowforge is broken and I am getting a new one but I have a project due by next Thursday and I wanted to see if any Houston area (I am in the Woodlands Area) Glowforgers might want to do the engraving for me. I have the product so I will be just looking to pay someone to do the engraving. It is 10 plaques I have to do. This is for a gymnastics banquet and I am out of options.


I’m thinking if this is urgent, you might want to create a new posting for it. A lot of people including me don’t read all the replies to a post and this one might be missed by someone who could help.