Just purchased a design from the catalog, but can not find the second (2nd) page of the design?

Purchased this design:

But when it load, I only see the cuts for the wood, but not the acrylic. It’s supposed to have a 2nd page, but I only see a single layer when design loads.


You should see something like this, a screen shot from my home screen.

If you want I will move this to " Problems and support."


Moving won’t create a ticket that alerts the support staff though.

@kigster What he’s pointing out is that even though it’s 1 purchase, it’ll show up as two separate items on your home screen. The first one as you’ve seen cuts only the wood. The second one will cut the acrylic but you’ll load it it separately. I’m going to guess that it’s too keep people from cutting the wood with both the frame and the windows designs by accident.

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As others have stated designs are delivered in multiple files - one for each material. You should see them both in the main page of the app. May need to refresh your browser.

That being said, there is indeed a confusing path in the purchase workflow. When you get to the end of your purchase, there’s a button to go straight to the design in the app, but it takes you to the first file without mentioning that there are actually two and that you’ll see the other one when you close the first one. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I had the exact same thing happen when I ran this design! I also had to ask for guidance to find the 2nd page. . .