Just purchased and waiting - quick question

Hi all -

This board has been very informational, and I am curious. Are all glowforge designs SVG files?

I am proficient in lots of graphics programs, like illustrator, photoshop etc, but am pretty unfamilar with Inkscape, as I use a Mac.


Either SVG or PDF. (SVG is preferred by Glowforge since it has identifying information associated with the file that helps the software to correctly interpret the user’s intent.)

If you’re already familiar with Illustrator and Photoshop, you can just use those. Inkscape is the freeware option, but Illustrator is one of the preferred paid options for design. (Most experienced designers use AI.)


Perfect, thanks Jules.


One thing you do want to do is save your SVG correctly…we’ve got a demo here:


The free Inkscape is also available for Mac.

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Having never touched it before, I used the time from purchase to delivery to learn Inkscape.

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