Just scored this gorgeous old chair, need info!

This is so not GF related, but I thought some of ya’ll would appreciate the beauty of this chair I just bought for cheap in Berkley, CA. This is a “Milwaukee Chair Co. For Rucker Fuller Desk Co. San Francisco” office chair and and it appears to be from 1914-1916. I believe it was a part special order for the city of San Francisco which makes it even more special. (Think of all of the special butts that could have sat in this chair! :slight_smile: )

I was hoping someone may know where to get replacement springs that might work for the chair’s mechanism. I can’t find another example exactly like it on the internet. There are tons of Milwaukee chairs/mechanisms, but not any with the same tilting, swivel, height adjustment capabilities. It’s missing two springs where you see the bungee cord. Any ideas or info on the chair would be very appropriated!

(If you check my facebook post below you’ll see info on a very similar municipal chair I found for sale and tons more pics of the markings and mechanism.)


That’s a real beauty. My dad had one similar from his days in early banking, but not quite that lovely. Very nice. Hope you can find the parts you need for it.

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Always start at McMaster for all things mechanical…


Oh and I know this is posted somewhere in the forums if I recall, but under product details for most individual products you can get the 3D files (for CAD/3D Printing) which is super handy when working out an assembly


i found a 17-year old forum post with the same issue and the people there recommend looking at the stuff at vandykes:



Will definitely be checking them out! Thanks.

Thanks for the effort. I spent some time on Vandykes, but couldn’t find any springs at all. I hadn’t realized that the same link I had found was 17yrs old though, that kinda explains why they may no longer be there. :-/

right, they have some springs but nothing identical - but perhaps they have a product that functions similarly. either way i’d email them; if they can’t help you out, maybe they would know who could.

Yeah, I intend to. I don’t care if they are exact replicas, just need functional. I can retrofit a few hooks to make other springs work, but would rather not.

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Wow! This is for sure quite exquisite! I’ll have to look at my dad’s chair now to see where it was made. Not leather, but the base looks pretty similar!

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