Just set up my GF

$2,000.00 + 2.3 years of waiting = "Sorry, we’re having trouble calibrating. Try turning your Glowforge off and on. If that doesn’t help, contact support

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Make sure your WiFi is 2.4 GHz and also that your signal is good. Then make sure your internet connection is good. If that doesn’t work, try again tomorrow. I have a rough idea about users with slower internet having more issues with this type of problem.

lol… try again tomorrow.

Come on man…


Seriously. Server maintenance, poor internet quality, etc. may all contribute. What doesn’t work right now may work in the morning depending on your local internet conditions or other conditions. If all your neighbors are streaming Friends, your internet bandwidth availability will decrease which may cause connection issues to the Glowforge servers. Also, close your browser and restart it. That worked for me last time. I usually give the GF 5 minutes on startup to calibrate, and I have a piece of material in the machine when I start it. I have very few instances of this issue and the last one was solved when I restarted my browser.


Thank you for your feedback … but
I’m 101% sure it’s not my Internet connection.
I’m 101% confident the problem stems from GF side of things.


With the machine off, manually move the print head to be under the lid camera and then turn it on. Failure to calibrate seems to be fixed by doing that from what I’ve seen on here.

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thank you, if not up on Ebay by tomorrow morning I will give this a try.

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Whenever I see that I just have to let it sit a couple minutes. Sometimes it needs a few before it’ll start going. Usually after I’ve not used it in a while. I’m assuming it’s downloading updates etc.

Also there are a number of prompts that are a bit confusing. The one that says an issue with calibration is generally just because it hasn’t finished doing its thing yet. Usually nothing to worry about, just let it donits homing routine.


how long were you waiting?

still going…managed to engrave a couple of alignment files, now dealing with this.

Agreed. I even upgraded my internet last week and that still hasn’t solved the problem.

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Perhaps the November update can shed some light on these vague error conditions or just long wait times that manifest in different stages of the process. Something like, “hey, a lot of these calibrating errors or wait times have been because x,y, and z but we are working on it and are close to a solution.”

Then there is the file processing wait upon uploading a design from the Home tab. Doesn’t seem to be the biggest source of waiting. Most of it seems to be deciphering what is going on after you press the software print button and wait for the cloud to process the operations to get the hardware print blinking.

And then there is the lack of clarity about what is going on with some printers as they first turn on, regarding homing/alignment. Or is it wireless connecting? Or is it some cloud hang up.


More clear and actionable error messages are a high work priority for the team right now.