Just sharing some engrave tests

Tested a high-contrast image on all PG Maple Ply engrave settings (Pro), with and without masking. Just sharing the results for reference.

With masking:

Without masking:

Here’s the image I used:


Thanks - bookmarked!

Cool! Which is your favorite, when viewing in person?

For a photo quality finish, definitely draft photo but it’s a toss up between with or without masking. I think without, because the slightly darker engrave hides the wood grain better, which can mess with photos. The key is that even without, it doesn’t leave any smoke/residue on this material at this setting, so you don’t need any cleanup.

The test was actually for another project that used a similar high contrast design that was not actually a photo, that would require a surface finish (the Star Wars Aztec thing I posted) and for that, SD graphic without masking gives a sharp, deeper engrave that can be lightly sanded before applying the finish. So this test accomplished three things for me - best default for high-contrast photo or graphic, and also the differences between masked or not.


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