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Hello all! So I currently use www.picsvg.com to convert a .jpg or .png to an SVG file. But on a lot of stuff I lose the detail on the conversion. Is there a better option out there to use? Or is it something that I could do on inkscape? The image is the one provided by the person I am making an item for.


You can actually just drag and drop either the jpg or png directly into an open page on the interface. You don’t have to convert them first. (The higher the definition on the original image, the better it’s going to look of course.)


Please excuse my ignorance lol, but what do you mean open page on the interface?

Oh sorry…any open file in the place where you hit the Print button.

If you want to create a blank file, you can click New Design Create in the Dashboard (upper left). That opens up the interface with no design in it. Then you can just drag and drop the jpeg image or png onto the blank board.

You can also just drag and drop the jpeg or png onto the Dashboard and let it go. It will open up as a new file.


As stated, there is no point “converting” to SVG. As well as dropping it into the library, you can also just “Upload from file” using your JPG or PNG file (yes, it says SVG or PDF but it works for all supported file formats), or add it to an existing or blank design using the Upload option within the workspace:

From the library:

In the workspace:


So it will engrave if you drop a jpeg? I always thought you had to convert to SVG :weary:. But that’s why I love this community. Always helpful and I always learn something new.


I would also add that SVG is merely a container file format. Think of it as a folder. You can drop things into that folder, but they come out of it on the other end like they went in. Another analogy is that it’s like a zip file without the compression. It just holds other things in one spot.


You can engrave in any file format. Jpg, png, SVG, PDF. It looks like an already really clean image with high contrast of black and white. You’ll get an excellent 3D effect engrave just using SD engrave settings!

However, to cut it out, you’ll need to use the circle in the GFUI or save a circle as an SVG or PDF.


You can indeed convert a jpeg to a vector file in Inkscape, and I often do when I want to make modifications. For example, if I want to remove some strokes from an abstract design, or add cutlines around a design (for an ornament, ETC).

To do this, drag your .jpg or .png into a blank Inkscape document, and import using the default settings (at least I’ve never found a need to change them.) Then with the jpeg selected, go to Path->Trace Bitmap (or shift+alt+B). Check the box for ‘Live Preview’ (near the bottom, to the right of the controls box). There are a couple different ways to execute the conversion and you should play with them to see which gets you the results you’re after.

The end result is that everything you’ve converted will be nodes and handles, and you can remove any bits you don’t like, or add/adjust other elements.

Cheers, and good luck!

Edit: I should add that once the conversion is done, you will be left with both the original jpeg and the nodes from the conversion, so don’t forget to delete the original jpeg object.

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