Just thought I'd throw this out there

This evening I uploaded my design and the UI just kept saying “scanning your material”. No error message popped up, but the ‘scan’ was taking way too long for the size of file I was using. I finally cancelled it and then thought to check something…my wifi connection. It had gone over to the 5GEXT network so I switched it back to the 2GEXT network and everything worked just great. This is just a reminder to anyone who might experience any odd stuff, to check their network settings.


Excellent advice.

You’ve come a long way since starting if you can troubleshoot a problem like that. I mean this in a good way. I didn’t think the GF would even acknowledge a 5G network :slight_smile:


Thanks for your supportive and kind words.

I guess it doesn’t…that’s why nothing was working! :grinning: