Just tried star trek risk!

Last night I was finally able to crack into the board game I received for Christmas.

There are Tribbles!

The premise is that Q gathers each captain from each series on a holodeck, and faces us against each other to determine a winner. The armies are counted in flagships and shuttle craft. Territories are planets, continents are sectors. There is a neutral zone barrier between United Federation of Planets and romulan space. There’s a set of crew cards from each series that gives you a handful of buffs if you pay an associated cost. And a whole deck of “How Q screws with you this turn” cards.

4 person game went slow as we learned the rules and differences, and explaining it to someone who never played ANY risk game before, but completed in about 3 hours.

It was a blast.


Sounds like a fun variant. What does the board look like?


I’m a huge Risk player. In the top 10% on Xbox360 world wide, ranked 112 in Landrule (Android Risk) world wide. Almost entered the Risk World Championship a few years ago. (And I’m mad I didn’t because I haven’t seen one since!) I’ve literally played thousands of games of Risk.

I got my son (8) into it a few years ago (Yes, he started playing when he was 5!). We’ve got the original board game (played with the original rules, not the 2010 rules), the Battlefield version, Risk Factions (Xbox360), Risk (2015) (Xbox360), and Risk Urban Assault (Xbox360). We enjoy 'em all. I’d love to love the Doctor Who version but it’s all Dalek based! You all have to be Daleks! Silly. They could have done so much better! So I haven’t purchased it (yet).

I’d really like to have this Star Trek version! But my kids aren’t into Star Trek (yet) so I don’t think it’ll have the appeal that it does to me. But maybe!!! You make it sound really fun!

If there are any Landrule players here, please find me any time under the name Friffy1. I almost always have 5 games going there, so come join and introduce yourself!


Sound outstanding! I’ve always enjoyed Risk and this sound like a great variation.

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I had Lord of the Rings Risk at one point, and an anniversary edition Risk (with pewter soldiers). I sold both of them off and now I have only Risk Godstorm. I’ve played it only once I think, but it adds an “underworld” and special powers and such. I recall it being pretty fun, but it’s been a while.


Dude, we could totally make a Laser Companies Risk and have them all fight it out on the board.


Now that sounds fun. And I think I could get my son into that one.


Sooooo cool!

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Metal Gear Solid risk is pretty great too.


Sounds Interesting but is there any Enterprise Captain that would fight the others? Every one would be trying to find a way to defeat Q or possibly sacrifice themselves.


Evil Kirk from Enemy Within. :slight_smile:


It’s allegedly all on the Holodeck.

Kirk probably would be good with it, to show his bravado.
Picard would be skeptical of Q, but believing it all Holo- would probably indulge it as a recreation.
Sisko would try to punch Q again, and miss. Not wanting to go through all this pointlessness, he would agree to go through with it if he was promised a good 1 on 1 with Q after.
Janeway would roll her eyes and want it over with as fast as possible, and probably try to lose on purpose to get out of the game fast.
Archer wouldn’t get the point and would be too wrapped up trying to comprehend the nature of Q.


I downloaded landrule to play a game with ya. My name is Sawa-san. When you finish a game, let me know and we’ll play.

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Awesome. I’ve added you as a Friend. I’ll invite you to the next game I start!

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If you haven’t tried it, there is also a star trek Catan. Same mechanics, different universe. Instead of roads, you have starships…Everytime someone places one, we all burst into song “Starships, are meant to fly…” :slight_smile: