Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes

My wonderful 3-year-old granddaughter has just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I am just floored by this. I would love to make something that sales would benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. I looked on Etsy but there are very few ideas and most of them are a little too in your face. Something subtle and pretty maybe? Any suggestions appreciated.

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Benefit how?

Fundraising? Awareness? Gifts for the people who work there? What type of material do you want to work with? How much time and money do you have to invest in it? Other questions, I’m sure, but those immediately come to mind.

Knowing what you’re trying to do will establish some basic parameters, as it is it’s so open ended that it’s hard to offer suggestions. Creativity loves constraints, it’s really hard to pick a direction if you have no limits.


I think I would like to do a fundraising project. The existing things on Etsy talk about a nonworking pancreas. Maybe something a little less graphic and a little sweeter? I have the time and the funds to pay for the project and all proceeds can go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Maybe a cutting board that converts recipes from sugar to sugar-free? I have no ideas at present.

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A one-off auction type item, or a product that you can make and sell a lot of? Big difference between an heirloom-quality item and a quick “gotta make a lot of these” kind of thing.


I’ve got an old friend who holds benefits and fundraisers for juvenile diabetes. If you’d like ideas, I’m sure she would know. She flies all around to help with awareness and fundraising events.


Obviously, this is not what anyone wants to hear. Thankfully, many people live very healthy, productive lives even with Type 1 Diabetes. An important key to this will obviously be counting carbs so how about a a little tool to help people count their carbs. Sometimes when you are out and about at restautants some help is needed to make an estiamtion of carbs. Have a look at this information…

Perhaps you could make this information into a graphic and engrave that onto a wooden card. This could be on one side. On the other, perhaps engrave some important websites or carb levels in staple foods or “popular” fruits. Maybe make it from a material that can be written on so people can note typical carb intakes of foods they often eat. It wouldjust be a small tool. It would not have to be big and could be sold for a 2-3 dollars if that. OF course, engraving a carb “diary” might also be of interest. You could also find a local dietitian and ask if they would like to give items like this out free. Something useful. I suppose you could do something about insulin units, but that might require a little extra help from a doctor, as insulins and insulin types will vary. I am a nutrition scientist by training and my wife is a registered dietitian, but I admit I have not tracked the latest insulin research for type 1. Well…just a few ideas to get you started. Happy to help if you need anything.


This is a great idea not only for Type 1 but also Type 2 diabetics. I’m going to try to put something together like this. Thank you!!!

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You might do well with an item that isn’t specific to diabetes as well. Maybe custom ornaments or keychains that say “proud (mom, grandma, dad, grandpa) of…” and then add names.

You you also make medical alert bracelets by engraving charms.

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My pleasure! Good luck with it!

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