K-Cup Drawer Organizer

I’m starting to organize all of my Kitchen drawers. My drawer holds 4 of these inserts and removed they stand on their side for serving at parties. Each K-Cup tray almost uses a full sheet of 3/16" thick material- 19x11, My Next GF project is Pot Holder Drawer then Tea, then my dream silverware drawer. Make Mistakes Often, Done is Better than Perfect, Stay Creative.

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I like the idea of making it a drawer insert as opposed to a standalone drawer set. Of course, I never have any drawers to spare…

I wonder if having a K-cup holder that hangs on the inner surface of your pantry door would be a good idea?


Yes, a great one. I’ve been following a woman named Courtney on Minimalism, they key is makeing life simple. I’ll design another K-Cup rack that can be hung. The current one can stand up.
I think her web site is bemorewithless.com


Always nice to corral these things!