K Cup Holder


This is my first attempt at a design from scratch. It is very simple, but met our needs of having a simple way to hold our K-Cups on the counter.
Please feel free to make changes to it as you see fit.kcup


Can you post a picture? :grin:


The SVG file is above, it is small red squares.

Here it is again:


I think he might have meant a photograph of the result, maybe?

Here’s a larger view of the svg:



Cool, thank you!


Very nice! Thanks for sharing the design! :grinning:


Thank you for sharing your file.


It’s cool to see how many different things you can make and what you can dream up. Although with this, my OCD would keep kicking in and require a hole to NEVER be empty and all of the labeling lined up perfectly. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this! I’ve made a mild modification to my copy of the file so that the cuts are both one line instead of a rectangle inside of a rectangle (and I shortened the face plate to 9 inches so it’ll fit inside my cabinet at work):


Update: Now with photos! I accidentally nudged the first one during the first cut, so I’m keeping that one with the wonky circle, and the other 2 are going to work on Thursday. :smiley:


Nice! One thing I learned from other forums is always zip your svg files. They can be a pain otherwise.