Kabob maker idea


Looks like this might be something easy to make with acrylic on the laser??!


Other than changing the hinge yup, should be easy. :slight_smile:


Dunno about you guys, but when I buy meat it doesn’t come in nice even sheets.


First you have to grow your cows in acrylic boxes so they’ll slice nice and even…





Not too horrid an idea but you don’t need the hinges as they would slide out of the top. I built something similar for making even slices in bread , meat or cheese but that was only in one direction.

What is missing is a box that surrounds the whole thing that can hold the marinade.

BTW most meat is sold in “sheets”, but they call them “steaks”. But even if you filled the bin with potatoes and sliced one side, you would have your potatoes in slicesthat would become “sheets” and in the end cubes. The larger " problem" would be all the extra pieces too small to get kabobed.


Looks like a “gadgeck” the Crazy Russian Hacker would review!


motor over to Bed Bath and Beyond to locate a large container you can use for the marinade, then size the “insert” holding the kebabs appropriately.

this is something to seriously consider.

we generally grill shrimp on bamboo skewers. my girls love the shrimp but hate putting them on the skewers.