Karen Keychain


You left off the Trader Joe’s logo? :rofl:

Well, I should probably start answering to the name of “Karen.” The main reason, however, it is often seems that those who are answering the phone at call centers are merely reading from a fixed script or from the website, rather than actually LISTENING to questions, thinking, and giving a meaningful response.

I just spent 15 minutes on the phone trying to get a hotel room price adjustment due to a change in prices (on rooms that are fully cancelable through July 1st) - and couldn’t hear due shouting and “celebrating / welcoming new workers” to the call center.

So I am apparently an old fuddy duddy (who will be wearing a mask, social distancing, and being safe on this trip) and interacting only with healthy family, who behaves in a similar safe manner) - who does indeed get frustrated when “front line” workers are either not equipped (or enabled) to do more than read from a script.

//*** sorry, rant off ***//

I DO, however, love the keychain.



I love this so much lol, nice job!