Keep glowforge secure?

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone has a solution to keeping a Glowforge outside? I live in a smaller townhouse and wanted to keep the Glowforge on my front patio next to the stairs going up to my apartment. My concern is that anyone could just come up and walk away with the machine. Does anyone have any ideas on I could keep it secure while still accessible?

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Seems to me that leaving it outside is a bad idea. Even if it’s chained to a post. Someone wants to mess with it, they’re going to mess with it. And even assuming it won’t get rained on, outside is quite a bit more exposed to the elements than inside. I’d keep it inside, maybe underneath some other piece of furniture and drag it out when you want to make a print. The cooling system is supposed to be water-tight, so you could also consider storing it on its side against a wall. But outside? Anything but that.


I would think that the least of your issues. There is an identifying serial number but more than that it would be a brick for anyone but yourself as it gas to log into the web and identify itself before linking only to yourself or a person you assign for it to do anything.

Having it outside however would be a much bigger problem as the range of temps that it can operate in or even stand without breaking is very limited and the amount of smoke would fill up such a small area. I left a power chair in an enclosed garage thinking it would be ok as it was dry, but while the seat is still good all the guts are scrap.


Hmmm that’s true that it can still be messed with. Looks like I’m going to have to rearrange my house and figure out how to keep it secure from my toddler!


Ok, it’s definitely sounding like I’m just going to have to rearrange my house to get this baby inside. I didn’t even think of the temperatures outside!


Yep, you’re going to want both of your babies inside. The Glowforge is pretty hefty and should survive your toddler under a watchful eye.


@PrintToLaser made an amazing pull out shelf for his Glowforge. It is strong enough to cantilever out and be useful and tuck back to the work bench out of the way. I have seen it in person and it is a beauty.

Perhaps you can find a niche/closet/alcove that can house your Glowforge on a sliding shelf that you can pull out when needed and go back behind doors when not in use.

Do you have a Pro? And venting is an issue here, but having a space for your Glowforge to live in with easy access will be wonderful. You would be surprised at how useful it is. I would say that I would use mine a lot more if I didn’t have to walk downstairs to turn it on and babysit it. Of course, that’s where the beer fridge is, so I got that going for me.



Oh wow a pull out shelf sounds amazing! It must be pretty strong to hold his machine.

I have a Plus, I think I’ll just start rearranging furniture (which really means my husband will be lol) to find a good spot. The Glowforge might have to stay at my parents house for now, they’ve got the room for her.


Yeah, the full extension glides have a 500 lb. rating.

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Just wanted to say thank you for all the help with this. I rearranged my bedroom and found a table on fb marketplace that fits the GF perfectly! Today I’m going to Home Depot to grab some plywood and attach the venting hose to it so I can hold it up in my sliding window.


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