Keeping a lid on my box... Need ideas

So I made a two-piece box that is comprised of a small open top box and a slightly larger lid that slide down over it. It’s just snug enough to slide the halves apart, but not snug enough to pick up without leaving the box with the contents sitting on the table.

I considered adding a magnet to the top frame of the bottom box and a matching magnet to the underside of the lid, but you all know those rare earth magnets are strong. I’m afraid over time the magnets will just break loose or pull a piece of the frame off.


Any ideas on how I can grab the lid of this box and pick up the entire box without the bottom falling out in mid-air or leaving the box bottom sitting on the table? I’d appreciate the help.


Magnet pull strength is largely dependent on size and proximity…

3mm cubes work really well.

I use them in lots of small boxes:

You can modulate the pull by changing the inset depth, magnets are great for stuff like this.


Oh also magnets are rated for how strong they are. N38s are decent but you can get higher power like N52, so that is also a consideration.

One simple method would be to cut holes into the sides of the box where you grab it allowing your fingers to touch the inside box.


Or even add depth to the bottoms to match so it still shows a smooth side when closed



Yeah that’s a great idea.

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I think I have a solution. My inner box sides are exactly 1/8 inch narrower than the outside lid. I did this because I wanted to glue a plain piece of wood all the way around the inner box to cover the fingers. I will cut a 1/4 inch hole in this fascia and epoxy a magnet into it. Then on the outside cover side face, I will cut a corresponding hole and glue in another magnet. On the outside of that side, I will glue another piece of wood in the shape of something that represents the theme in order to cover up the magnet from being seen on the outside. Space theme, a little space ship, under water theme, an octopus, etc. Then… I only have to contend with the magnets sliding away from one another as you lift the lid, which is the best way to pull two magnets apart. Plus sliding them away from one another means there will be no direct force placed upon them as they pull apart meaning they will most likely remain in place over a longer period of time.

I got the idea from all of the talk you guys supplied here on magnets. My searches led to a lot more information I was not directly searching for in how to best use magnets. So thanks for all of the help.


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