Keepsake Memory box :D

Painting on leather is my new favorite thing!


Nicely done! That paint scheme reminds me of my old Russian surplus ammo cans. I might need to try something similar since at least with the leather it won’t try to cut open an artery every time I reach into them!

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Nice effect! :grinning:

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…and you are very good at it! I’m still planning on trying some of your leather techniques from other posts (got ‘em bookmarked).


I’m debating buying the design from the catalog; how much leather does it take per box? By the way the paint makes it look awesome.

Still waiting for the wood patterns to be delivered. Only got the leather.
Please give me file 1.

@laurandroid90, if you purchased the file from the Glowforge catalog, there shuould have been two separate files - one for the leather and one for the wood cuts. Check your dashboard, and if you did not get two files you will need to open a New Thread in the Problems and Support section of the forum to notify the support team. They do not read this section for problems.

(Be sure to click the VIEW ALL button at the bottom of the Dashboard in order to show all of the files in your Design Library.)

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