Keepsake Ornaments with box




I really like your designs. Your gifts are so thoughtful too. :relaxed:

Now my questions: How did you do the slot that the lid slides in, and what is the material that the ornaments are mounted in?

Thank you once again for the video showing your projects. :thumbsup:


It’s lovely!


What a great idea for a first Christmas! Awesome gift idea! :smiley:


Inside edges were deep etched for the slot on 3 sides before assembly.
Box is made from mahogany 1/8" ply I found at HomeDepot no less…
5mm black Craft foam was used for the cutout insert over 2mm black craft foam base.
Fleece was used for the wrap.


Were the ornaments glass or acrylic?

gorgeous btw, and excellent display


Acrylic laser cut…
All cuts were done on the laser
Ornaments, box, foam insert and fleece wrap


Such nice finish detail Steph, crafty you are!
So glad you are sticking with us!



Woof! :sunglasses:


Perfect for storing a set of russian nesting dolls.


What. The. Heck??? That’s gorgeous and amazing.


Go ahead. Steal it. I hid absolutely nothing in it!! HAHAHAHA!!!




That is awesome, but I always think of the episode of Big Bang Theory when I see things like this.


I definitely want to build some puzzle boxes but not nearly that complex. a little tricky maybe but not enough that you feel like crushing them :wink: